STEM Ham Radio

About Us

STEM Ham Radio is a project undertaken by Charles Rich (AK4SR) to help schools start their own ham radio clubs. Charles is an Amateur Extra ham radio operator and has been licensed since 2004. You can find more information on Charles on his weblog at

Charles is an ESL teacher with a background in technology. He has taught overseas and currently writes curriculum materials for foreign military aviators for the US Military.

Other Contributors

Chaelynn Rich, KK4IKW. Chaelynn has her Technician license which she obtained in 2012. She is currently a college student and a really good writer, which is why I’ve enlisted her to help with this site.

Chaeun Rich, Unlicensed. Chaeun is a high school Senior who is trying to get a ham license. She likes to write stories for fun. She likes to read books, especially teen fiction, fantasy, and romance. She really likes books about mythical creatures and has no prior experience with ham radio. She has worked with her father in his electronics workshop and liked it (but as a pastime not an actual hobby).

Get your name on this list. Just let us know how you would like to pitch in.

How to Contribute

Contact the webmaster if you would like to create a class or lesson for this site. Any input at all would be greatly appreciated.

Get involved with you local schools and help them set up a school ham radio club. Feel free to re-use any of the materials and resources on this site in your efforts.

Send Us Money! Monetary contributions can be made by clicking the PayPal button on the footer. If you donate money please specify how you would like that money used. Some possible uses include

We are not currently a registered non-profit organization though we will consider it if needed.

If you would like to donate equipment, contact the webmaster or contact the school you would like to donate it to directly.