STEM Ham Radio


If your school or community has a ham radio club we’d like to showcase it. 
Please send us links, pictures, announcements and such and we’ll be happy to post it here.

Brooklyn Technical High School

Amateur Radio and Wireless Technology Club

The BTHS Amateur Radio Club has a very long tradition of helping students to learn about all forms of wireless technology and training operators who provide communications when needed in response to emergencies such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and terror attacks. As part of that training, we practice by providing public service communications for events like the NY City Marathon, March of Dimes, etc.

Radio Pioneers

Samuel Morse

Samuel Morse (April 27, 1791 - April 2, 1872) was an American painter and inventor who is best remembered today for his invention of single-wire telegraph system and the co-inventor of the Morse code - method of transmitting textual information as a series of on and off tones. His discovery soon changed the way the messages are sent and received in the entire world, and even today Morse code is still in use in various areas of radio communications.

Morse code is especially useful for ham radio operators because the tones generated can travel longer distances and in poorer conditions than can voice transmissions.