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There are so many things to explore in amateur radio. These days it's much more than just talking on old radios. Our hobby also uses: 

  • Satellites
  • Moon Bounce EME (Earth-Moon-Earth)
  • Software Defined Radios
  • Microwaves
  • Peer-to-Peer communication (The Internet)
"When Everything Else Fails. Amateur Radio often times is our last line of defense...When you need amateur radio, you really need them."

The Hon. W. Craig Fugate

Administrator, US Department of Homeland Security, FEMA


The History of the Car Radio

This site gives a brief history of the car radio from its creation to modern day. While the car radio is not a personal communications technology, radio communications would not be where it is today without broadcasting. Thanks goes out to Dylan for oointing this site out. 


Learn Morse Code in a Minute

Download a International Morse code binary search tree here. This chart splits the characters of morse code into branches that you can follow to render specific characters. The use of this chart is one of the most popular ways to learn Morse code.  

STEM Activities

5 Ham Radio Projects with Diana Eng

From 2009-2010, Make: had the pleasure of hosting a series of ham radio articles by fashion designer, hardware hacker, and ham radio enthusiast, Diana Eng. You may also remember Diana from season 2 of Project Runway. Besides writing ham radio how-tos, she also wrote about the ham scene in general, high-tech fashion, and even how to make a Bluetooth-based Star Trek Communicator. Here are five of Diana’s best radio project posts.

Youth Programs

American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Outreach to Youth

Information and some cool activities from the league. The ARRL goes out of its way to provide teachers with training, posters, and other freebies to use in class or in your own club. 

Radio Pioneers

Hedy Lamarr

While Hedy Lamarr was one of Hollywood's hottest actresses during World War II, Hedy’s passion was for science, innovation and invention. She especially like experimenting with radio waves and she and a friend patented "fequency hopping" in 1942. This techology later became known as spread spectrum technology which allows military weapons, cell phones, WiFi, and some ham radio equipment to change frequencies rapidly to avoid detection or to find a better channel on which to operate. Our current technology would still work without this technology, but it would do so a lot more slowly.   

“The brains of people are more interesting than the looks...”

Ham Radio Operators play a vital role during Hurricane Florence

Listen To Ham Radio Online

Over 400 websites allow you to listen to ham radio online. Visit Ham Radio Secrets to learn more about Software Defined Radio (SDR) and how these devices can share live listening on the web.  

Regulatory Agencies

Federal Communications Commission

International Amateur Radio Union

Nashua Area Radio Society Activities for Young People

" An important part of the Nashua Area Radio Society’s mission is to create learning opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) for young people through Amateur Radio. Many of our members began or enhanced their interest in STEM careers and learning through Amateur Radio and we are working to provide similar experiences for the next generation."

Youth On the Air

Youth on the Air is a program for and by young amateur radio operators in the Americas, closely modeled after the Youngsters on the Air program in IARU Region 1 (Europe,  Africa & Middle East).  The goal of the program is to build skills and foster lasting friendships and mentors with younger hams. 

Discussion Groups

eHam Forums: Youth,33.0.html

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