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Beginner Ham Radio #9 – QSL Cards & Awards

telescopeMan discusses QSL Cards- which is how amateur radio operators confirm their contacts. This is #9 in a series of beginner amateur radio videos. Source

ARRL Sections 35wpm

ARRL Sections are used in the (Summer) Field Day and Winter Field Day contest exchanges. I have included “DX” since it is used by anyone operating outside of an ARRL Section. For each section, try to head-copy it. First, it is sent in Morse code. Then it is spoken. And finally, it is sent again…

Voice over IP and amateur radio

TelescopeMan discusses K5VOM (Dan) and other amateur radio operators who are connecting VOIP and ham radios into a USA-wide radio net. Source

Alaska Radio Youtube – Audio of Amateur Radio Operators assisting in Alaska Earthquake of 1964

Audio of Amateur Radio Stations assistance with communications during the Alaska Earthquake of March 1964 Source

New ham shack antennas and grounding

TelescopeMan shows his two antennas at the new ham shack along with the grounding arrangement. Source

Running The Net Control Station (NCS): Amateur Radio Simplex

Running the Net Control Station for your local ham community is one way to keep your amateur radio simplex skills sharp. A weekly tradition for this preparedness net is testing new equipment and understanding propagation around the area. Working out the bugs in everyones station is a team effort. Drop a one-time donation through PayPal…

Amateur Radio Emergency Service- stuff you don’t want to hear

TelescopeMan discusses ARES as it relates to local city and county emergency services. ARES- the Amateur Radio Emergency Service. This radio service is sometimes associated with SKYwarn where trained spotters track weather events and report conditions to the local weather bureau. A “sister” service is RACES, which is the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service. Amateur…

Ham Radio Operators play a vital role during Hurricane Florence

A news clip from WBRC Fox6 News in Birmingham Alabama showing the vital role ham radio operators play during disasters such as Hurricane Florence. Jackson County Amateur Radio and Jackson County ARES/RACES: Full credit and ownership of this video belong to WBRC Fox6 News Birmingham. Source

Ham Radio Tilting Crank Up Tower and Mosley Antenna Install

This video presents how I installed my 40ft crank up tilting base station tower and Mosley TA-53M antenna. I am by no means an expert and may have missed a step or could have done some things better. I just tried to make a more complete tower install video to share my experience and or…

Top 10 things in amateur radio for preppers

TelescopeMan discusses 10 things that every prepper should understand in the amateur radio hobby. Get your General ticket and be prepared. Knowledge is key! Source

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